What You Will Learn

Communicate with deaf and hard of hearing people in this fun and practical community based course.
Develop the ability to sign in a range of social and workplace settings.
Develop an understanding of Deaf Awareness

What You Get

Games and activities plus pair and group work make this a fun, practical and interactive course
Grammer information will explain the nuances of Auslan including the grammatical signing differences between Auslan and Key Word Signing
All students will receive an emailed Certificate of Attendance upon completion of the course
Learn over 300 + signs across 12 different categories such as Greetings / Questions / Information / Instructions / Family / Emotions / Timelines
Over 30 set sentences to put into practice what you learn through the day
A fun filled and exciting day of learning a native Australian language that is actually useful :)
After class event - coffee and cake provided at Little Gnome Bookshop - 66 Florence Street


Learn to communicate with deaf and hard of hearing people in this fun and practical community based 1 day / 6 hour Auslan (Beginners) course.

Through games, activities, group and pair work you will develop the ability to sign in a range of social and workplace settings.

The Auslan (Beginners) course is the perfect opportunity to begin your journey into learning Auslan and about the Deaf Community.

All of our teachers are either Native Deaf or qualified Auslan teachers who currently also teach in schools, workplaces and in the community. We are all passionate about teaching Auslan and making sure you enjoy learning Auslan.

As part of the course you will receive a course workbook with pictures of every sign taught in the course, along with set sentences to practice signing with. You will also receive a Certificate of Attendance with the course level and number of hours you have undertaken.

At the end of the 6 hour / 1 day course you then have the opportunity to learn Auslan (Intermediate) when we hold another 1 day / 6 hour PD workshop.

Some of the categories of signs that we will teach you in the Auslan (Beginners) course: Questions, Greetings, Deaf Related, Phrases, Instructions, Numbers,  Family, Emotions, Community, Timelines, Colours, Animals, Transport, In the workplace.

Little Gnome will be running more courses in 2018. Use the contact form to keep up to date with course details.


Our first lot of courses were met with an overwhelming response and have been declared a success by all who attended!

46 amazing Humans put themselves through an intensive, but fun, 6 hour course, with Darren, from The Auslan Company.

We are now happy to announce our next lot of courses. Just follow the links below for intermediate and beginner courses.

All registrations must be done online, not via the shop at Little Gnome. This prevents any double ups.

$144 for non concession holders + $121 concession holders & students + $66 for children for ages 8 to 15 (must be accompanied by a concession or full paying adult). All prices include GST, a workbook, coffee & cake & a Statement of Attainmnet.

46 Humans enrolled in our first COMMUNITY AUSLAN CHALLENGE!

July 1st, 2017 @ The Wynnum Library

Auslan Community Challenge July 1st, 2017!

 Brisbane's Biggest Little Bookshop